Day Four: Celebrations & Farewells

As camp draws to a close, the final morning was spent together to reflect upon the highlights from the weekend and to start thinking about the future.

Following an early start for Jamatkhana, everyone had breakfast together and packed their bags in preparation for the final session of camp and farewells. This began with individual group sessions where personalised certificates were awarded to each participant, thanking and congratulating them for their contributions and achievements over the weekend. Participants also had the opportunity to discuss their next steps post camp and make their own Diamond Jubilee pledge.

This was followed by watching the official C&S 2017 video, where everyone re-lived the incredible last few days, where unforgettable friendships and memories were created. The chants, sense of brotherhood and emotion during the video summed up what C&S is all about and ended the weekend on a complete high!

As everyone prepared for departure, camp finished with t-shirt signing, hugs, laughter and goodbyes. A Diamond Jubilee camp that will be remembered for a lifetime and have long lasting memories for all!



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