Diamond Jubilee

With C&S kick starting the Diamond Jubilee year, it is a perfect time for participants to sit back, reflect and share their feelings on what the Diamond Jubilee means to them. Every morning and evening in Jamatkhana, each group has been reading out their Diamond Jubilee passages which have been summarised below. In addition to this, on the last day all participants have the opportunity to make a Diamond Jubilee Pledge, by setting themselves a personal goal which they hope to achieve during this momentous year. A ceremony is held to post these pledges in a special jar – making memories which will be treasured for a lifetime!

What does the Diamond Jubilee mean to us at Caring & Sharing 2017?

C&S Team: It is an opportunity to reflect on the past and look forward to the future with new goals, as well as having a balance between Din and Duniya and not forgetting our faith. It is also about remembering our faith in the good times and bad times. It is all about using this as an opportunity to come together as one community.

Aliens: For 60 years Hazar Imam has been holding our hands through the journey of life, uniting us together as one brotherhood.

Astronauts: It brings together the community from around the world and allows us to celebrate the 60 years of guidance and the blessings that Hazar Imam has given us. Future generations will look back at this as a successful Imamat. We are so lucky.

Superheroes: It is a chance to confirm our bayah once again and to be happy for our Imam on his glorious time of Imamat. We look forward to all coming together to celebrate the Imam of the Time. We can reflect on all of Hazar Imam’s achievements  and thank him for how he has helped us and guided us.

Wizards: The Diamond Jubilee celebrates 60 years of Imamat. We can give material, time and knowledge, and even as young members of the Jamat we can get involved. We celebrate the Diamond Jubilee by going to Jamatkhana everyday and being kind and learning about the history over the last 60 years.

Robots: It means family and a sense of community. It is a chance to celebrate and meet our brothers and sisters. Our Imam has served and guided us on the right path for 60 years. It shows us the valuable things in life which causes for a special celebration.

Disney: It is a unique time to celebrate and mark the 60 years of constant guidance. It is a time to reflect on our beloved Imam’s guidance. It is a time of gratitude for Hazar Imam’s constant attempt to help us recognise Din and Duniya. We can unite together.

Indians: Mowlana Hazar Imam has helped us stay on the path of Sirat-al-Mustaqim by guiding us and making Farmans for us to listen to. He has built lots of different buildings such as hospitals, schools and universities in developing countries.

Sailors: It is a reflection of happiness that our Imam has been with us for 60 years. It is a day to reflect on the years of guidance that the Imam has given us.

Vikings: It brings people together to unite. It allows us to appreciate Mowlana Hazar Imam’s guidance and Farmans. We understand the importance of everything he does for us and how he guides us on the right path.

Pirates: It is a time where we are all thankful for the Imam’s guidance over the past 60 years. It is a special occasion where we celebrate his guidance to his murids.

Warriors: It means celebrating 60 years of Mowlana Hazar Imam’s guidance on the right path. He doesn’t do anything for himself. He has made the Ismaili Centre in Toronto which is beautiful and we are grateful for it. He is a glorious guide and gives us Farmans, so this is our way of saying thank you.

Tudors: It is like the ESF motto, where we meet, we don’t necessarily compete, but we unite! It is not an everyday thing or a yearly thing, however is a special occasion where we can make Mowla as happy as he makes us. He has spent 60 years helping us so we should give back, help our community and pray for everyone.


D is for Deedar, which we hope to receive

I listen to Farmans for guidance

A is for the affection, love and guidance Hazar Imam gives

M is for Mowla, our spiritual mother and father

O is for One Jamat, we are one family

N ever go astray, always pray

D is for Diamond Jubilee, a once in a lifetime opportunity


J amatkhana, a very special place to go

U nited in our community

B rothers and sisters are we

I mamat – we are celebrating 60 years

L ove and devotion from the Imam

E veryone comes together to celebrate

E motional we feel about the Imam’s love for us


M is for Mowla Bapa

U is for being united

B is for the betterment of communities

A is for access to education

R is for respecting each other

A is for achieving 60 years of Imamat

K is for kidmat and seva




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